Feed Your Hair Vitamins for Healthy Hair

You’ve heard the adage that you are what you eat. What you may not know is that it’s especially true for your hair. Gorgeous hair goes hand in hand with healthy hair, and beyond the products and styling techniques you choose, your diet is the single biggest contributor to great looking hair. The most important […]

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Keep Your Great Haircut & Style in Great Shape

You’ve found the perfect stylist who has given you a fantastic cut and an amazing color, and has gotten your hair happy and healthy again. And for a few days after your appointment, you look fantastic. Slowly but surely, as the days wear on, you notice those subtle hints that the shine is coming off […]

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Love Your Hair Color? Get A Gloss

Hair gloss is the answer to lots of hair care issues from prolonging color treatments to adding shine to smoothing damaged hair.

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Adding Depth & Dimension to Your Hair Color

You’ve probably heard your colorist use the terms “depth” and “dimension” when talking about finding the perfect hair color technique for you. These are important concepts, and they’re probably also a little more complicated than you think. They refer to the visual illusions created by a high quality color treatment that will give you the […]

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Keep Your Hair Looking Fantastic This Fall

You spent as much time as you could this summer out of doors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. And you were diligent about using sunscreen and wearing a hat, and your hair looked fantastic. Good on you, but now that the temperatures are dropping, there are some things you’ll need to do differently to […]

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Autumn Hairstyles Coming Soon

It’s hard to imagine, but fall really is just around the corner. While you’re squeezing out all of the last minute summer fun from these last few weeks, you’re probably also thinking ahead to how you want to switch up your look for autumn. To get you started, here are a few ideas for great […]

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Serious Fall Hair Colors

It never hurts to be ahead of the curve, even if it’s only in your head at the moment. Spending a few minutes thinking about how you want your autumn style to look while you’re still soaking up the summer fun and sun will put you that much further ahead when it’s time to make […]

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Summer CAN Mean Smooth Hair

The warm, sunny days of summer can be a mixed blessing. Sure, you have great weather for all sorts of outdoor activities, but chances are that you also have heaps of humidity that make you want to just get a buzz cut rather than deal with your frizzy hair…again. Not to worry. Here are some […]

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Simple Summer Hair Styles

Summertime is a mixed blessing. Sure, it’s all fun in the sun most days, but every now and again you need to kick it up a notch or two for a special event or just to get yourself out of hairstyle rut. Whether you’re headed out for a big night or just an office meeting, […]

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How Your Diet Affects Your Hair

While those of us in the beauty industry like to think that we can work miracles, the truth is that we need a little help from you. Remember that saying, “True beauty comes from within”? Well, it’s not far off. What you consume plays a big part of how you look, and we’re not just […]

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