Spring is here and so are colours. Colours are on the street ,in the wardrobes and your hair colour can reflect spring too. Anyone living in Philadelphia knows that your hair is a major part of your outfit. It is one great way to get into the season vibe. The beautiful thing about spring is that it is all about colours. Wearing colours in different shades is a part of the spring vibe. Philadelphia has its hair vibe all on its own. It is easy to get into spring wearing a Philadelphia hair color. Philadelphia hair colours to rock this spring

White/platinum white hair color

White is an amazing colour. It stands out and with the right texture, it can be a bombshell look.

You can wear your white/ platinum white hair short, meduim or long length. Feeling adventurous?You can dive into the your blonde ohase with this colour , remember to keep up with maintenance.

Pink /pastel hair color’s

Whether as rose pink, baby sweet pink or a shade of fushia pink, nothing says spring like pink hair color. To get into spring Philadelphia hair color you will want soft pink shades. The best shades are a cross between pink and light blonde . A perfect shade will be pastel shades. Rock it and own it.


Red hair colours will be seen this spring. The shades of red will Kean more towards light reds and not the full on red. A honey blonde hair with undertones of red is perfect as a Philadelphia hair color. You can also with a really almost strawberry shade of hair color. Remember to keep it light and sweet


This is a time to try out your blonde looks. The beautiful thing about blonde hair color is the numerous variety of shades it offers. You can choose to go from brunnete to full on honey blonde. Those who want to retain n some of their brunnete look can opt for the brand look. Blonde hair colour also gives you the option of going ombre. Select your blonde look and rock your Philadelphia hair color this spring.


Reds who want to go lighter can or browner can comfortably rock shades of copper.

Coral copper is a perfect hair color for a Philly spring.Copper shades are beautiful because when we'll maintained they really shine.

Dusty Brown is also great as a spring hair color.


Brunnetes rock spring! Caramel shades are really dark but can be styled with highlights to give them an ombre effect. Sandy beige brunnete is a beautiful spring hair colour that can be mistake for blonde. Espresso is the color of rich corre ,hence the name. Roundig off our brunnete spring hair color is tth Woody brown.

Philadelphia rocks in spring and Philadelphia hair color choices are beautiful.