Trendy hair colors you can consider having this season.

When it comes to dying the hair, women can get really serious. Most girls do not like to mess around with their hair colors. They want everything to be perfect. Whether it is the golden hair color or the subtle highlights, it is not easy to satisfy the women when it comes to colors the hair. However, there are many ladies who are often confused whether the hair colors they are going to have will suit them or not. 

There are many things you have to consider before having your hair colors. It starts with your complexion. Your skin colors matter a lot when it comes to the selection of hair colors you would like to have. Apart from that, the maintenance of every shade is different. Before dying your hair, it is better that you consult a specialist to get the information related to the different trendy shades and the ones that will suit your style perfectly. Here we have the list of 2019’s most trendy hair colors you can consider having. 


Ombre is commonly known as the blending of the one colors into another in a gradual manner to make it look like it is the natural look of the hair. The roots of the hair are commonly dark in shade and as you move towards the roots, hair colors will become lighter. Mostly girls like to have dark brown or black for the roots and the tips of the hair are commonly blonde or golden. Ombre is the most famous hair colors that any stars have. It will make your features prominent and you will look very attractive. 


It is the type of hair dying technique in which the dye is applied to hair in a graduated manner to give the hair a natural effect. It will help you retain your original colors back once you have dyed your hair before. However, you will not have to switch back to original shade at once because with the Balayage techniques you can make it possible in a gradual manner. Your hair will look attractive as well as you can experiment with a few other shades that you might prefer having once you decide to change the hair color once again. 

Baby light

One of the best ways to experiment with the different hair colors is having the Baby lights done in your hair.

  • It is a special hair color technique in which a few highlights are done in some parts of the hair 

  • Your highlights will not cover the entire head

  • Depending on the original color of your hair, you can select the shade that is lighter as compared to the original shade of your hair. 

  • It will make you look attractive and more original shade of your hair will pop out in the most effective manner. 

  • Ask a specialist, which color will suit you the most

Lived in color

It is the technique in which you have to identify your natural hair colors one you have experimented with your hair several times. The best way of finding out your natural hair colors is by looking at the hairline and only an experienced hairdresser has the eyes to let you know which your original hair color is. Once identified, giving Lived in color look is very easy. The main shade of your hair will be kept the original with some minor blonde highlights that will make it look like you have lived in the color for a long time. However, assure that you visit an expert hairdresser for the process. 

Sun-kissed highlights  

The long brown hair with the golden or blonde highlights is known as the Sun-kissed highlights. It is a special technique in which the lighter highlights are done in the hair to make the original darker shade of the hair look more interesting. This is the type of highlights that almost every girl has done once in her life and she looked extremely cool. The best thing about the Sun-kissed highlights is that it will suit every face, complexion and skin tone. It means if you are dying your hair for the first time, you can start with the Sun-kissed highlights and look very attractive. 

Beachy color

It is the latest trend of the season and girls are loving the effect. In their hair colors trend a Beachy color is used for the hair and within the dark hair colors, you will get the highlights of a sandy beachy shade that will create the perfect effect. The commonly used shade is the original shade of the sand. Most of the girls like to have it done against their black or dark brown hair color that makes them look more attractive and cool. 

PHiladelphia Hair Salon

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