History of Hair Salons in Philadelphia

A bad hair day does not only affect your appearance, it brings your stature down completely. Your face starts to radiate it first, then it starts to get visible in your words and mood. So a bad hair day is actually a bad day.

While reading through history, we will find out that 18th century was all about wigs. All the hair dressers started making wigs, but who are we kidding, this was never going to last long. Philly is certainly filled with so many hair salons and when you get saturation, you get competition.

Let’s go back to early 20th century, women were owning straight hair with exposed foreheads, and majority of men were walking around the town with mustaches and greasy hair. We can relive the same era of this haircut by visiting Chrisa Clark salon.

From 1920 to 1930, two things changed. Hair dryers and improved perm machines were introduced. This introduction changed the whole game of hairstyles. Hair dryers back then were heavy. Josef Mayer of Czech Republic was a famous hairstylist then and in 1924 with his introduction of rollers and cylinders changed the whole trend from straight hair to wavy and curls. Cynthia Peditto Hansbury hair salon run by Oggi has expertise is similar curls. Known around the world for her freehand twisting style, people come from all over the world to Philly to get her famous curls.

Year 1940 brought economic depression to the world. Philly was effected the same way, so were the hair salons here. People started wearing long hair with perms at times. Blonde hair color was getting was getting popular. Salon Vanity now can equip you those hairstyles, experienced in straight hair styles with Edmando Blando’s famous blonde hair color, it is a double win for you.

Marilyn Monroe arguably started the trend of shorter hair for women. Audrey Hepburn boosted this trend. Philly was under the effect as well. One of the oldest salons in Philly is Richard Nicholas Hair Salon. They more or less, experienced that time. It gets shown in their modern haircuts as well.

Late 20th century was filled with braids, and because of protests and their influence, people who were not a part of those movements started getting those “Hippy” hairstyles. Catherine Ashley has lived through that phase and it has made her modern styles evident. She is basically a mobile stylist, so if someone tells you that you are going to get a “Hippy” hairstyle from a mobile stylist, you will definitely find it the right couple.

Now, however, it is all about pixie cuts, edgy undercuts and beachy messy hair. You will find so many amazing hair salons all around Philly. Doesn’t matter what your hair type is or the kind of haircut you want, there is always a hair salon for you in Philly