Adding Depth & Dimension to Your Hair Color

You’ve probably heard your colorist use the terms “depth” and “dimension” when talking about finding the perfect hair color technique for you. These are important concepts, and they’re probably also a little more complicated than you think. They refer to the visual illusions created by a high quality color treatment that will give you the look you want. Here is a primer to help you have a good discussion with your colorist by helping you both use the same lingo.

The basic idea is that dark colors appear to recede while light colors come forward. The dark colors create depth and space, and the lighter colors create emphasis and volume. Together they create a light and shadow interplay that helps define the shape of your style. Keep this idea in mind while we explore some more color concepts.

By creating blocks of light or dark color, your colorist will emphasize differences in length or texture. This is the way cut and color work together to create the desired impact. It’s referred to as contouring. To create a “piecey’ effect, a pro will use separation – contrasting tones that give a feathery look by keeping the roots darker than the ends. Layering different shades of light and dark will give you the illusion of depth, or volume, letting your hair appear to be thicker. And finally, colorists use a lighter shade at the area where light would naturally hit your style to create a permanent glossy look.

Getting great color is clearly more complicated than simply opening a box. Our team of professional colorists here at the Richard Nicholas Hair Studio has been helping our clients tap into their own sense of independence since 1971. We’re here to help you get, and keep, the best color and cut for you and your lifestyle. If you have any questions or want to get a new look for spring, give us a call at (215) 567-4790 or visit us at 1716 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.